Friday, February 13, 2009

The Plum Card® Gives You A Choice Every Month

I found out about this card and the great benefits being a BzzAgent. Saving money while using credit is definately frugal.

"Cash flow management" are three very important words for small businesses. But glexible and powerful trade terms that make it easier to manage cash flow are generally only available to larger companies.

That's why American Express Open created The Plum Card. It provides flexible trade terms - like and Early Pay Discount or a Defer Pay Option - virtually everywhere, so you can do what's best for your company's cash flow each month. Ad in all the other benefits you'd expect from American Express, like no pre-set spending limit, and your business has got itself a card!

If you apply before March 30, 2009, you can get $100 back when you spend $1000. See site for details.

The Plum Card® Gives You A Choice Every Month
Plum Card® from American Express OPEN

Early Pay Discount

~Pay your balance in full within 10 days of your statement closing date and receive a 1.5% discount on all eligible charges

~Discount is delivered on your next month's statement

For example: Charge $10,000 worth of supplies and inventory — when you pay it all off early you can get $150 back.

Defer Pay Option

~Take up to two months from the closing date on your monthly statement to pay your balance in full, without interest or finance charges

~Just pay 10% by the Please Pay By Date on your statement to extend payment on the rest of the amount until the next month's Please Pay By Date

For example: Charge $5,000 worth of materials and pay off at least $500 by your Please Pay By Date to receive 30 additional days to pay the remaining balance.

In addition, the Plum Card also provides these benefits:

~No pre-set spending limit

~You can choose the time of the month your bill is sent: beginning, middle or end

~To make it even easier to pay early, you can choose to pay bills online and OPEN will send an e-mail reminder when your statement is ready

~The first year has no annual fee, with an annual fee of $185 for subsequent years

~You can give an employee an Additional Card for no annual fee (extra Additional Cards come with an annual fee of $45)

In addition to the flexibility of the Plum Card®, you also receive a host of other benefits courtesy of American Express OPENSM, including:

Purchasing Power

~OPEN Savings®: Save even more at select partners, including FedEx, Delta, JetBlue, Hertz and Hyatt

~Worldwide ATM Access with Express Cash6: Use your Plum Card to get cash at over 600,000 ATMs around the globe

~Worldwide Emergency Check Cashing: Cash personal checks for up to $10,000 at over 2,200 American Express Travel Services locations

Management & Reporting Tools

~Account Alerts: Get free notices on account activity and updates

~American Express Bill Pay: Set up automatic payment on recurring bills

~Track Business Spending: Track, analyze and control spending on your company's Plum Card

Security & Protection

~Baggage Insurance Plan8
~Extended warranty mirrors manufacturers' warranties for up to one additional year9
~Car Rental Loss and Damage Insurance10
~Customer Service
~Emergency Card Replacement
~Fraud Protection Guarantee
~Identity Theft Assistance
~Manage Your Card Account Online
~Purchase Protection
~Return Protection
~Travel Accident Protection

For full details on all Card benefits, visit

Those who might particularly benefit from the Plum Card:

~Wedding and event planners, caterers and photographers
~Restaurant and food business owners
~Financial consultants
~Print vendors
~IT contractors and consultants
~Businesses that rely on raw materials or online advertising
~Businesses that have seasonal business cycles (flexibility is extra important for them!)

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