Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Newsletters Turn Buyers Into Customers!

Will They Buy From You Tomorrow?
So they bought your product yesterday, but will they buy it tomorrow? In many markets the differences between products has narrowed to the point of insignificance. For this reason, your ability to build a relationship with people who buy your products is more critical than ever. And newsletters can help build those relationships. They can show customers how to get more value out of your product or service, perhaps by showing how other customers are finding new uses for them.

You want customers to know as much about your products and services and your company as they possibly can. And you want to keep your name fresh in their minds. If you can do this, they are going to be much more likely to do business with you again, even if a competitor is offering the same product or service at the same price.

Creating Product Leaders!
When Apple dominated the emerging market for personal computers, it was phenomenally successful at creating product leaders. These were people who not only liked Apple computers, they loved them, and they loved them so much they told everyone they knew to go buy one!

Newsletters can help create product leaders by building a connection with your product/service users. You may also want to send newsletters to key influencers - people that are in an unusually good position to be able to recommend your product to many others. In the Real Estate industry these key influencers could be brokers, high-producing agents, office managers or board of director members.

Avoid The Hype!
One of the reasons many newsletters work is that people read them, no small deed when you consider the typical mail volume at most businesses. The reason people read them is that they think they might find something useful, interesting or possibly free, not just a blatant sales pitch.
For example, the leading publisher in the book trade, Random House, has a newsletter that is well read. People love the chatty, casual, informal style. The newsletter has tremendously added to the company’s credibility and readership popularity by occasionally recommending books published by competing firms. Like a lot of other newsletters, the Random House newsletter is available free of charge on the Web.

Cracking The Tough Accounts!
A marketing manager I know loves newsletters because in her earlier twenty-year career as a retail store buyer, newsletters got her to place orders, but extravagant brochures and flyers went quickly into the trash basket.

I've had varied results mass-mailing newsletters to cold contacts, acquiring just a few new clients. I do find however, think that newsletters work well as one part of the sales mix, when you are already calling or visiting a significant, but difficult, new account.

Side Benefits Of Newsletters
Newsletters are great not just for customers, but also for getting employees, contractors, commission sales associates, the media, and others excited about your company.

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